The Blast is an entry level stick that is made of wood and thefore offers great feel for players. The Blast comes in multiple sizes from 26 inches to 34 inches.
4Winners Field Hockey Presents the C100-L Late Bend & Light Weight. 100% Carbon Fiber. This stick is amazing for drag flicking and its crazy late bend offers athletes to control the ball with ease. The C100 is the top of the line stick from 4Winners...
The C20s is a stunning entry level stick with carbon fiber for long lasting durability and unlimited power and play.
The C40-S has an amazing feel with a stunning finish. It is an entry-level outdoor stick manufactured with 40% carbon fiber, offering a great power for athletes. The C40-S is a standard bend stick to promote quick, stick skills. BENDING = Standard 20mm...
4Winners Field Hockey Presents the C60-S. Standard Bend & Light Weight. 60% Carbon Fiber.
The C80-S contains 80% carbon fiber, allowing the athlete to obtain maximum power while maintaining feel. POWER INDEX = Utilizing the 80% carbon fiber the C80-S provides its user with maximum power BENDING = 22 mm Standard Bend HEAD SHAPE = Midi.
The C90-L is an incredibly powerful stick. Its low bow design allows users to flick with ease. POWER INDEX = The C90-L is an incredibly powerful stick built with a late bend that allows users to drag flick and hit with maximum power. BENDING = 25 mm HEAD...